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We provide advice and recommendations on best practices. We provide consultancy services on crop mix, crop water requirements, fertilization, land reclamation.

Soil Mapping

Soil mapping is the provision of information for sustainable land use management and land use planning. Our services in soil mapping include:
• the geographical distribution of soils in a given area.
• Determine the most important characteristics of the soils.
• Delineate map units and describe them in terms of dominance, association and inclusions, including classification of soils and correlation with known soils. Soil mapping ultimately lead to evaluation of the quality of the different map units for specific type of land use.

Soil and water Testing and reporting

We provide services on soil testing to determine the quantity of available nutrients that should be used for raising better crops and improving soil fertility levels, the test include (N,P,K,pH,EC,SAR..etc) we also test water for its irrigation quality not for drinking neither for biological content.

Collection and dissemination of soil maps

Today there is great demand for accurate soil information over large areas from environmental modelers to land use planners (both urban and rural) as well as more traditional agricultural users, all those users want interpreted information. We provide different types of soil information which will guide you to know about your soil properties or behavior directly relevant to the required land use.

Land capability and suitability assessment

The soil mapping and capability assessment is therefore, an essential action in order to maintain the sustainable development of effort and investment as well as the sustainable usage of the soils. The soil information can generate maps for different purposes:

  • Land capability classification.
  • Land irrigability assessment.
  • Crop suitability rating.
  • Management of watersheds.
  • Prioritization of watersheds etc.