Welcome to Sudan Soil Information System (SUSIS)

SUSIS – Sudan Soil Information System was created in 2016 with the focus of providing dynamic soil resource information to a wide range of needs. For a long time, Sudan soil resource information has been in the form of hard copy maps, reports, and databases that are scattered in different places. Although the country has rich soil information, the use of such information remains doubtful owing to the lack of a central repository for dissemination and management. SUSIS is a system for collection, storage, manipulation and dissemination of soil and land resource information in a way that is intended to benefit accurate and sustainable exploitation of soil and land resources in Sudan.

SUSIS is based on collecting, collating and online sharing of soil and land resources information on behalf of the republic of Sudan. The system assembles all soil data in Sudan from new and old soil profile observations, hardcopy maps and documents, laboratory analyses, and through digital soil mapping (DSM) technique. It has a huge database of present and historical collection of Sudan soil and land information. Some of these collections are freely available and users are encouraged to download them from here. Other detailed datasets can be accessed from SUSIS by filling in the request form here and attach it to our emailing system ibrahim.g.ahmed@gmail.com. Prospective users of soil and land information can also get technical advice on soil and land management by visiting SUSIS services here,we also provide a different analytical and results datasets that can be accessed from here, or you are welcome to download our research library dictionary from here.

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A soil test commonly refers to the analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level
North Omdurman
Photo of our expert team at North Omdurman location
Workshops & conferences
In cooperation between ARC- sudan and FAO Organization a Digital Soil Mapping workshop was held from 10-23 November 2016